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Work in Progress

[list excludes all work currently under review]

Local politics
“Analyzing Local Party Competition in Multi-Level Democracies: Introducing the Local Manifesto Project (LMP)” (with Michael Jankowski)
“Party systems and political competition at the local level” (with Michael Jankowski)
“What are they talking about? Topic coverage of coalition agreements in multi-level settings” (with Svenja Krauss)
“Portfolio allocation on the local level” (with Alejandro Ecker)

European integration and EU Cohesion policy
“Does anyone care? Explaining the variation in sub-national parties’ emphasis on European issues and EU Cohesion policy”
“Programmatic Europeanization revisited: the role of EP election proximity, EU support and Eastern European patterns” (with Dragos Adascalitei and Mihail Chiru)

Party behaviour
“The Role of the Euro Crisis and Euroscepticism in the 2014 EP elections” (with Constantin Schäfer)
“How do voters punish or reward parties?” (with Zeynep Somer-Topcu and Margit Tavits)