Martin Gross

Work in Progress

[list excludes all work currently under review]

Local politics

  • “Analyzing Local Party Competition in Multi-Level Democracies: Introducing the Local Manifesto Project (LMP)” (with Michael Jankowski)
  • “Party systems and political competition at the local level” (with Michael Jankowski)
  • “What are they talking about? Topic coverage of coalition agreements in multi-level settings” (with Svenja Krauss)
  • “Portfolio allocation on the local level” (with Alejandro Ecker)

European integration and EU Cohesion policy

  • “Does anyone care? Explaining the variation in sub-national parties’ emphasis on European issues and EU Cohesion policy”
  • “Programmatic Europeanization revisited: the role of EP election proximity, EU support and Eastern European patterns” (with Dragos Adascalitei and Mihail Chiru)

Party behaviour