Martin Gross

Work in Progress

[list excludes all work currently under review]

Local politics

  • “Determinants of local party competiton and party systems”
  • “What drives the nationalization of local party manifestos?” (with Michael Jankowski)
  • “Portfolio allocation at the local level” (with Alejandro Ecker)
  • “Nepper, Schlepper, Stimmenfänger: Scheinkandidaturen und Schleppmandate bei Kommunalwahlen” (with Marion Reiser)

European integration and EU Cohesion policy

  • “Does anyone care? Explaining the variation in sub-national parties’ emphasis on European issues and EU Cohesion policy”
  • Guest Editor Special Issue of Politics and Governance; Title: “Political Behavior in the EU Multi-Level System” (with Daniela Braun & Berthold Rittberger)

Party competition and issue emphasis in multi-level systems

  • “Dynamic party competition in European multi-level systems”
  • “Under Pressure: How Mainstream Parties in European Regions Adjust their EU Attitudes when Challenged by Euroosceptic Parties” (with Anna Adendorf)
  • “Time is on my side: a dynamic view of parties’ issue emphasis when drafting election manifestos” (with Dragos Adascalitei & Mihail Chiru)
  • Topic: Issue emphasis and electoral strategies in the federal countries of Austria and Germany (with Svenja Krauss & Katrin Praprotnik)
  • Guest Editor Special Issue of Journal of Elections, Public Opinion and Parties; Title: “Party competition and dual accountability in multi-level systems” (with Markus Baumann & Alejandro Ecker)